A fire pit or a fire hole can vary from digging a pit in the ground to an elaborate structure of stone, brick and metal which burns with gas fumes. The main attraction of this pits are that they help in containing fire and prevent it from spreading.

There are various kind of fire pits available, Propane fit is one of them. An outdoor propane gas fire pit is a pit which works by connecting the household propane tank or the refillable propane cylinder to the line of the pit. After doing this, the fire pit burns clean with no smoke or ash. 

You can place the fire pits ten feet away from the house and neighbourly yards. This fire pits should also be kept away from the hanging braches of the tree or fences of a building as a safety measure.

Facts about Gas fire pits: 

Before buying a propane fire pit, you need to understand and judge few factors in order to choose the most suitable one:

  • Glass bottle: There are various glass bottle available and the question which arises is that which the perfect glass bottle is.  While using the gas fire pit for the dining table, coffee table or dining table, you must use a patio bottle. Patio bottles are the green bottles which is full of propane gas. This bottles are very essential as it is the only bottle which is compatible with the clip on the regulator of the system.
  • Glass bottle price: the glass bottle price varies from place to place. It largely depends on the location you’re buying it from. Generally it costs you around 30$ to 60$. But once you buy one, you can refill on the same bottle where you will only charge for the gas but not the bottle.
  • Refill cost: The refill cost also differs from place to place. It gives you and edge and advantage when you stay loyal to one place only. When you buy the first patio gas bottle, you sign an agreement with the shop by submitting a fee that you will buy gas from that shop only which will give you great discounts.
  • Longevity of the glass bottle: To note, every kg of propane gas in a bottle produces 14 Kw of heat. The longevity of the glass bottle depends on how you use the fire pit so that the time varies until the gas from the bottle runs out. It also depends on the size of the system which is every system size differs from each another and thus releases different amount of heat energy. However, it is advisable if you run the heat on low or medium temperature, the heat release will be low and thus it will last longer.
  • Per hour cost: Per hour cost varies on the basis of how much will a person pay for the gas bottles and refillment of the gas after. It also depends on the settings of the fire pit.

Different styles of fire pits:

  • Fire Rings: a fire ring is made up of metal with various designations crafts. It is a circular ring which contains wood or wood alternative fire pit. It gives an aesthetic look of the traditional campfires but with a touch of modernisation techniques. It does not let the ashes or waste or fire’s fuel from spreading to the seating areas and has a grilling passage as well.
  • Fire bowl: A fire bowl is a large metallic disk which keeps the fire in the centre of the disc. It has a round base with long angelic sides on it which protects the pets and children from the fire.
  • Fireplaces: Fireplaces can be indoors and outdoors as well. Brick fireplaces are an outdoor fire pit option which are made up of brick or stones with the enclosement of the fire pit from three sides to safeguard it from the wind. The smoke evaporates through the chimney in the upward direction and doesn’t suffocate the people giving them a comfortable environment. You may require assistance to build the fireplace with the help of a contractor or a designer to install it properly abiding by the regulations.
  • Pizza ovens: Pizza ovens are similar to fireplaces. The pizza ovens have a fire pit below it which is flat with a dome trap on the top trap the heat for baking pizzas. Pizza ovens are also found as a table top fire pit looking like a short chiminea or as an appliance for outdoor kitchen.
  • Fire tables: Fire Pit tables are decorative and functional fire pits which are found in coffee table. This tables are usually made up propane or natural gas which has a decorative topping glass or stones. The fire pit area of the table always has a protection of a glass wind.

How will you plan for the best Fire pits?

  • Fire pit designs and styles: There are various fire pit styles for wooden fir pits and propane gas fire pit as well. Fire pits can be chosen by choosing the best fire pit suitable with the look of your backyard. 
  • Choosing the best material: you need to choose the best products in order to have a suitable and fine designated fire pit. The materials which are necessary to create a pit are aluminium, copper, glass, cast iron, faux iron and stainless steel. This materials determines the weight, portability and effectiveness of the fire pit to throw the hit.
  • Size of a fire pit: The size of the pit varies widely because it depends on various factors like materials and also choosing the best fire pit suitable to the space of the location. If you want a portable and movable fire pit then it must be small but if you need a steady fire pit then a heavy and large one will do.
  • Fuel resources: the type of fuel you choose also determines the design of the fire pit. For instance, you can find a propane gas or a natural gas fire pit very easily then a wooden one.
  • Setting up a backyard fire pit: Once all the details and necessary materials gets to decide, then you make sure that the fire pit has longevity in it.

The outdoor fire pits helps to add a visual warmth to your place. You can enjoy and have a good time with the nearest and dearest one!