Despite the challenging IoT industry brought by the pandemic, we can continue a massive development brought by Tuya Smart. Here is the latest News about Tuya Smart. 

Products Empowered by Tuya Smart Design Win iF DESIGN AWARD 2021 and Red Dot Design Award 2021  

To mark the importance of the products made possible by Tuya Smart’s industrial design team, who were both winners of this year’s iF DESIGN AWARD and Red Dot Design Award, Tuya Smart is celebrating their development. Innovative design and streamlined styling were clear signs of distinction with the WL2 Smart Camera and two voice remote controllers. The WL2 Smart Camera received the Red Dot Design Award for 2019 and will compete again in 2021 for the Grand Prize, while the Voice Remote Control took home the iF DESIGN AWARD and the Red Dot Design Award. 

Tuya Smart Releases an All-In Bluetooth Development Capability  

Tuya Smart (TUYA) is the world’s leading IoT Cloud platform for Bluetooth innovations. If you connect to Tuya Smart through Bluetooth mesh, the standard protocols you may use are point-to-point or Blancooth. Other noteworthy aspects of Tuya Smart include the following: She provides a wide variety of Bluetooth modules and systems access. 

 Tuya Embraces a Growing IoT Market in North America as Pandemic Eases  

Even though the pandemic created a challenging environment, Tuya Smart maintained its ground in the market, according to Fritz Werder, the North American managing director. The growing number of smart home users is additional evidence of Tuya Smart’s potential to help businesses in this crucial market area. Smart technology demand has increased this year. 

Tuya Smart Trends Shaping the Future of IOT Industry in North America  

Tuya Smart and its customers see substantial growth in the North American IoT sector amid the pandemic. Many businesses re-evaluate their work practices when business restarts in North America, considering the advantages and disadvantages of in-office work, working remotely, or using a hybrid approach. As a result of the pandemic, flexible work practices and the widespread use of IoT devices have emerged. Consumer use of time at home has increased, and with it has come increased usage of innovative home technologies. 

Tuya Smart Launches Tuya Beacon to Empower Intelligent Transformation Across all Scenarios

The newest advancements in Bluetooth technology from Tuya Smart, a leading worldwide IoT cloud platform, were revealed. The Tuya Smart Bluetooth connection technique offers the following connectivity methods: point-to-point, mesh, and broadcast. Additionally, Tuya Smart provides access to crucial chip platforms, including Bluetooth modules, and supplies a range of Bluetooth modules.  

Tuya Smart Trends Continue to Rise in North America Despite Unprecedented Challenges  

IoT growth has been steady while there is a pandemic, as experienced by Tuya Smart. Over the past few years and expanding North American economy has benefitted consumers. It shows that individuals are beginning to realize the advantages of modern technology due to current technology. 

As Pandemic Eases, Smart Trends Take off in North America

Both Tuya Smart and its clients in North America witnessed significant growth in the IoT industry in 2021. Many businesses are examining their work methods, evaluating their work choices, and analyzing how they will return to their in-office work, work remotely, or take a hybrid strategy in North America. The pandemic has caused businesses to increase the number of flexible work methods they provide and lead to an increase in the use of IoT devices. Consumers have more time than they had only a few years ago, but they use that time to learn about innovative home technology. 

Tuya Smart Sees Upward Smart Trends in North America as Pandemic Restriction Eases  

Tuya Smart sees a rising trend in North American IoT. It has benefited both the brand and its customers. Many companies review work habits, deciding whether to return to in-office work, work remotely, or a hybrid approach. The epidemic has increased work-from-home and IoT device use. Consumers are spending more time at home and enjoying the conveniences provided by smart home technology, a trend that seems to be here to stay. 

Tuya Smart Continue to See a Growing Smart Home Technology Market in North America  

Despite extreme market challenges, Tuya maintained its high degree of success and growth. This suggests that Tuya Smart can assist businesses during this transformative period. This group will grow in importance in the second half of 2021, when we have our first in-person team gathering in almost a year.