You may be hearing the word transcreation and translation. These are both standard language service options, but how will you know if transcreation is needed?  If you are wondering about the differences, then you are not alone. And, this article will help you discover the differences between transcreation and translation. 

But first, let’s discover what is transcreation and translation. 

What is translation? 

The translation is simply the act of transmission of a written copy from one language to another. A translation consists of two languages: the source and the new language or the target language. So, it means that if your business needs a translation company, you will need to provide the original documents and the target language. 

What is transcreation? 

It is interesting to know that transcreation is a product of merging two words: translation and creation. It is an intricate or unique form of translation that keeps the original meaning, intent, emotion, and tone. As initially created by marketing and advertising experts, the objective of transcreation is to replicate the message intelligently and smoothly, without consumers noticing a translation happened. The completed result should have the same emotional impact on the audience as the original message. 

It is simply translating a copy without losing its original meaning and value. What you will feel from the original content is the same that you will feel with the transcreated copy. 

How transcreation differs from translation? 

In the definition above, you will see that transcreation comes from translation. But, you will notice that it is a unique form of translation. While translation focuses on changing the words into the new language, transcreation has a lot of considerations. 

  1. It starts with a creative brief. In the transcreation process, the writers or transcreators need to begin with a creative brief. It works the same with copywriting. It is also the same as other creative projects. In transcreation, you do not only send the original content, but you need to give a creative brief so the transcreator can have a clear picture of your copy and what he needs to do when transcreating in a new target language. 
  1. You will deal with transcreators. Transcreators are creative copywriters in other languages, and they are not just translators. They can write your copy in a new language without losing the context, intent, tone, and emotion. 
  1. It may need more time. Unlike a direct translation, transcreation may need more time since it involves a creative process. It will need to use words suitable for the new language and culture but without losing the original meaning. 
  1. It can be costly. Since transcreation does not deal with outright translation, it requires a professional translator and trained copywriter. So, it means that it can be expensive, but it will give you the best marketing or advertising copy suitable for your new target language. Also, it can be costly since it involves a creative process that also means that it takes time. 
  1. Transcreator gives advise on the look and feel of the marketing or advertising copy. The transcreation can also take part in providing advice on the look and feel of the marketing copy. It may need to advise to change the color or the tagline that will fit the target culture. For example, you will notice that in China that Mcdonald’s changed their tagline into ‘I just like it instead of the original tagline. ‘I’m lovin it’. It is because China takes the word ‘love’ seriously. And how transcreation differs from translation. It will adjust based on the new target culture. 

The creators can create original creative content without losing the original meaning, intent, tone, and emotion. That is why you cannot simply hire a copywriter to create a new copy. A transcreator can help preserve your marketing or advertising copy intent. It can help you deliver new messaging with the same purpose, meaning, tone and emotion.   

  1. Transcreation is best for advertising and marketing copy. As transcreation can help you retain the original content, intent, tone, and emotion of a company, it is simply ideal for marketing collaterals translation and even with your advertising campaigns. 

So, would you hire a transcreator or a translator? 

Transcreation services Singapore can also help you provide a seamless online copy, such as rendering your website into a new language without losing the original tone and emotion. Also, it will help you deliver the exact meaning of your website content and consider the SEO value. 

You will notice transcreation has a vast difference from translation. It not only aims to replace the words in a new language but is about creating creative content that will deliver the same intent, tone, and emotion. And, most importantly, it considers the culture. Thus, it makes content that will give a unique experience without losing the original context. 

If your business deals with a marketing or advertising copy tailored to a new language, don’t hesitate to hire a trancreator. A transcreator can do a better job with creative content. But, make sure that they have understood your objective. So, it is essential to find a transcreation company with exemplary performance and can communicate well with a client. 

Also, remember that when you want to capture your new audiences’ attention, it is best to hire a transcreator since they will deliver a localised message.