The best critical illness insurance provides assistance and protection against chronic diseases like cancer, liver failure, organ transplant, renal failure, etc. Upon diagnosing an acute illness, you are given a lump sum amount as compensation if you take critical illness insurance. This lump sum amount you get, you can use it for paying hospital charge, transportation cost, lodging cost, wherever you want. Generally, you get the claim amount on completing the survival duration. This period is for 30 days.

With the increasing advancement of medical science, the treatment costs are becoming unaffordable. To cover medical inflation, you need a critical illness plan. For carrying breast cancer treatment, only the surgery can cost you 15000 dollars to 18000 dollars. And if you want to transplant your liver, it can cost you 36,500 dollars to 38,000 dollars. This figure is enough to scare anyone.

Why do you need to buy the policy?

The number of cases of acute illness disease is rising at a steady rate. One of the other individuals is getting challenged by life-threatening diseases as soon as they enter the age of 30s. Even people in their period of the 20s are being diagnosed with these dangerous diseases. Therefore there is no hard and fast rule when to start taking precautions. So it is best to insure yourself as soon as possible. There are certain conditions when taking the best critical illness insurance is essential for you:

  • If you have a hereditary problem of critical illness: Most of the time, the reason behind suffering from critical illness is genetic. If most of your family member has suffered from cancer, it is a perfect chance that you might also get diagnosed with cancer. As a precaution to safeguard yourself from the treatment cost, you can get insurance from before. This policy will help you to get the best possible cure in the future without having any pressure from hospital bills. If you are fully aware of your family history, you should not ignore it.
  • If you are the family’s primary bread earner: If you are the only breadwinner of the family, it is best to secure the family by taking critical illness insurance. If you get admitted to the hospital by any chance, your family will have to bear financial pressure. First, because you are not working and there is no earning, and second all your savings will get exhausted in your treatment. So if you do not want your family to suffer emotionally and financially, you can secure them with a critical illness plan. It not only provides the treatment cost but also compensates for work loss.

Why is it important?

You can buy critical illness insurance separately, or you can combine it with your life insurance policy. If you do so, it can save a lot of money. Many employers also purchase critical illness insurance on your behalf. The employer adds these plans to their account because the employees feel it is a significant expense to bear out of their pocket. Workers have to pay the entire cost of the policy plan.

A significant advantage or importance of a critical illness insurance plan is, it can support you wherever you want as discussed as follows:

  • To pay a daily expense or large debts, as a result, you do not have to worry about paying to other people. You can focus on getting better and rejoining work.
  • To pay for treatment cost that is not under the standard health insurance policy.
  • To pay for critical and expensive medical bills that you would not afford if you did not have necessary illness insurance.
  • It can help seriously ill patients or those who require an isolated place to recover or someone who needs fresh air treatment by taking them on vacation.
  • Transportation costs are incurred for several hospitals around, going to another place for special treatment, buying a wheelchair, installing a lift, hiring nurses, etc.

Benefits of critical insurance plan

Critical illness provides many benefits to its holders. It protects you from a severe disease that can cost you a fortune. More benefits of the policy are discussed for you here below:

  • Less premium amount- If you are young, you will have a lower premium amount. The premium amount is according to the age and condition of the health. As you are young, the probability of getting a disease is lower, so you have less premium. But if you are older, the insurance company will charge a comparatively higher amount as a premium. It is more comfortable to get insurance at the age of 20s and 30s for critical diseases like cancer.
  • Lump-sum money at once- The treatment for critical illness costs you more than chronic health disease. You also need to decide at the point, or it can be late for many people resulting in life loss. As the insurance company provides a lump sum at the time of diagnosis, it is straightforward for you to make other decisions.
  • Related expenses can be paid off- Other than treatment costs, you may also need the money for travelling. When the disease is critical, you often need to go to other places to treat it. It can be costly as you also need a family member’s support, which adds extra expense. All these expenses can be covered with the best critical illness insurance, reducing financial pressure.
  • Family support- The insurance policy provides excellent support to the family member as you do not have to empty your saving and cut down your lifestyle expense. The procedure takes care of by providing compensation for your losses.


It is best to take a critical insurance plan before it’s too late. The soon you buy, the easier it will be for the request to get accepted. By getting the policy, you are relieved from a lot of pressure and stress and can lead a peaceful life ahead. If you also want to be secured against all losses related to your maids, you can consider domestic helper insurance.