Every single day, we are being exposed to so many foreign toxic objects that are harmful to our health. But there are some of us who are even more affected by these foreign pollutants and toxins. The people who have to travel every single time for their job. They are the domestic workers from our houses. They work for us and make sure that our living places are clean and tidy. But most of the time, their needs are ignored and are underestimated. Because of this underestimation, whenever they are met with an incident or an accident. They have nowhere to go and no financial support as well. In this article, we’re going to be talking about why there is a need to get insurance as a domestic worker.

The importance of maid insurance

We understand the importance and the job of domestic workers. That is why we are here today to provide you with information on maid insurance. We are writing this article so as to inform all the domestic workers that they have someone to rely on in times of need. It is really important to provide such services to domestic workers because they are exposed to several chemicals and other toxics that are going to be harmful to them. Continuous exposure to such chemicals and other toxins can result in a biological issue. There are several risks of developing respiratory diseases. Such as breathing problem and bronchitis. But on a positive note, all of this can easily be avoided if there is a proper insurance company who take care of the charges of the hospital so that the domestic worker does not have the entire financial pressure of the hospital bills on their shoulders. It is lifted off because of the insurance that they had applied for.

Things to keep in mind

The only thing that one needs to keep in mind is that applying in a correct insurance company is really important. Because the insurance company is not well repeated, it can result in a loss of money. And most importantly, the domestic worker being given no support by the insurance company in the times of need. That is why in order to avoid such incidence is an issue. It is always good to start off by investing in a good insurance company.

What do we recommend?

It is always recommended to choose for the best foreign maid insurance Singapore. It is recommended so, because of the number of facilities being given to the domestic worker despite being a foreigner. These insurance companies do not rely on your nationality; you give certain services and facilities. This way, you are not being left out of any service that is being given to other nationalities. Many times, foreign domestic workers are being differentiated. But a good insurance company will never account your nationality with respect to the insurance coverage that you will be receiving.

Why do you need critical health insurance as a domestic worker?

The reason why you need critical health insurance as a domestic worker is because of the following reasons. First of all, you are being exposed to several toxins and toxins while cleaning up houses and other areas. And if you were not taken insurance in advance for your health, there might be severe consequences for you and your family. We are not saying this to pressurize you. The reason why we are mentioning this is that after the incidents or the accident has struck. It will be really difficult for you and your family to get over the expenses of the hospital bills or any other general expense.

Secondly, being exposed to such harsh chemicals can result in you in getting or contracting an allergy. These can become even worse over time without you acknowledging it. Thirdly, you might develop an allergy or a reaction to the chemicals that you have unintentionally inhaled while working. It may not affect you now, but in the future, as the can we go will accumulate inside your body. It will all come down at once. And the probability of you being prepared for that incident and post-incident is not highly likely. These incidences and situations may seem unrealistic and rare. But we cannot guarantee or say for sure that any of us are free from contracting any sort of allergy because of the toxins we inhale every time.

Job stranding and medical examination coverage and discounts

Did you know that even if you have been left with no job or are jobless, a good insurance company is going to be helping you in getting over and paying off your day-to-day bills? These bills can be your grocery, electricity, and other basic needs. Some insurance companies cover the job stranding expenses till the domestic worker gets another job. This is one of the most thoughtful and insanely helpful things that a domestic worker can receive, especially in such times of the pandemic. Even the health examination is given a discount of up to 60% to make it easier for them to afford. So, that they can attend the examination without worrying what will they do with a lesser amount of money once they reach home. Again, not many insurance companies provide this facility.

How to get this facility?

In order to receive this facility from your insurance company. We need to opt for the critical health insurance option. You have the option of choosing your insurance company independently. But we recommend that you go for a good insurance company. That covers all the important aspects which are important to you and your family because it is really important to have a strong and supportive insurance background with you. Because we are not aware of when and how things will change quickly in no time. It is really important to be prepared for any situation beforehand and not leave it for the next day. Hopefully, this article was able to convince you to opt do we need critical illness insurance.